Multivitamin Complex


Multi Vitamin Complex 60 caps. gives you the extra strength you need.

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This Multi Vitamins Complex is a food supplement produced with great care, and meant for people with a busy and active lifestyle. By taking Multi Vitamins Complex you get all the essential vitamins and minerals in an optimal dosage. When you ask a lot from your body, for example by exercising, smoking or stress-like conditions, Multi Vitamin Complex gives you the extra strength you need.


Vitamin A 400 mcg
PABA 10 mg
Beta Carotine 9 mg
Vitamin P 20 mg
Vitamin D3 2 mcg
Calcium 20 mg
Vitamin E 100 I.E.
Magnesium 100 mg
Vitamin C 200 mg
Kalium 15 mg
Vitamin B1 20 mg
Zinc 20 mg
Vitamin B2 15 mg
Mangan 4 mg
Vitamin B3 6 mg
Selenium 50 mcg
Vitamin B5 100 mg
Chromium 100 mcg
Vitamin B6 20 mg
Iron 2 mg Vitamin
B12 100 mcg
Iodine 150 mcg
Folium acid 200 mcg
Copper 150 mcg
Choline 20 mg
Molybdenum 8 mcg
Biotine 40 mcg
Borium 300 mcg
Inositol 15 mg
Vanadium 50 mcg