Practical LSD Manufacture


Practical LSD Manufacture, by the underground mastermind of psychedelic cookery.

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Uncle Fester has done it again! The underground mastermind of psychedelic cookery has come up with even more ground-breaking techniques for those who study the craft. Practical LSD Manufacture provides the most detailed, comprehensive and concise description ever of several of the methods employed in the preparation of lysergic acid diethylamide, or LSD, from natural sources! Uncle Fester also offers a breakthrough in the literature of psychedelic chemistry: a simple process for extracting the hallucinogenic drug TMA-2 from the commonly found and easily grown calamus plant.

Practical LSD Manufacture, Revised and Expanded Second Edition contains:

    • An overview of LSD production
    • Natural sources of the lysergic amides, including harvesting procedures for ergot-infested rye and Spartina marsh grass
    • An interpreation of LSD-progenitor Albert Hofmann’s patented “one-pot shot” method of LSD synthesis, plus purification and storage techniques
    • A never-before-published presentation of “Method X”, wherein a propionic anhydride mixes with lysergic acid, allowing for a much-improved synthesis
    • A section on solvent management, a crucial but often-overlooked detail all chemists should be aware of
    • How to manufacture the hallucinogen2,4,5-trimethoxyamphetamine (TMA_2) from the calamus root
    • Detailed growing, harvesting and availability information on the calamus plant
    • Cautionary notes on staying out of trouble
    • feedback from the first edition from readers around the world , incorporated into the text, and much, much more!

Practical LSD Manufacture is sold for informational purposes only!