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Our new iboga essence is designed solely for the use in micro dosing. Read below to learn and understand why and how this can and will be very effective. You purchased a new advanced Iboga liquid extract (tincture) made with high frequency resonance extraction. Initially we made a concentrated 1:1 essence using this revolutionary technique, and diluted this 1:25 to make it workable as micro dosing medium. There is little alcohol in it to make it last forever without degrading. It is only 18% alcohol and since the “dosage” is one drop, the alcohol is negligable. but it aids into the drop being absorbed in the tongue immediately. Please read the below description and instructions how to use Iboga essence for micro dosing.

Allow us to point you to the therapy that accompanies our Iboga powder, Iboga tincture, and iboga essence. The tincture and essence are specifically designed for this therapy, and suits no other purpose. The tincture and essence’s ONLY purpose is using a single drop and is not suitable for any full dose.

Iboga Micro Dosing Therapy – Change Your Mind.
Description of Iboga and instructions for “Micro Dosing Therapy” using the Iboga 1:25 Essence.
[Author: Maurice de Graaf]wws

When microdosing, do NOT exceed the one drop per day protocol. This new essence is too strong to be used at more than one drop per day, especially when used for more then 3 weeks on end. It is also USELESS to take more than one drop. When reading the entire text below, you will understand why. Make sure to read it all!

Often a full hallucinogenic or entheogenic effect is too overwhelming to fit in a short day or weekend. Moreover, for some users, a full-on dose is not appealing at all, due to the intense and confronting journey. Micordosing is a great alternative that offers all the benefits that a full-on dose provides. It is characterized by the intake of minuscule amounts of psychoactive or entheogenic substances – which lies below the threshold you would need for a real trip experience. All daily activities can be resumed, as the dose is so small that it is not consciously perceived and therefore, it won’t affect your functioning and your ego integrity. It will rather improve your functioning, by slightly increasing your awareness and presence, without letting you travel to deep into your mind and past experiences. Furthermore, this way of enjoying psychostimulatory substances enables you to engage in all kinds of elaborate activities and it allows you to integrate the full potential of these experiences into your daily live, eventually increasing your quality of life by intensifying your presence and awareness. Furthermore, microdoses have the power to increase your cognitive functioning and your creativity, your emotional and energetic balance, and your psychological wellbeing. Peter Stafford wrote even a book on this issue, showing improved cognitive abilities under the influence of LSD. Furthermore, already Albert Hofmann believed that the properties of LSD would be most effective in microdosing. Moreover, Stanislav Grof already described his psycholytic therapy in 1976, which included a moderate dose of LSD to treat psychopathologies. A very important aspect that underlies these microdosing regimes is the power of your intention and the will to engage in self-exploration, please look at our document The Power of your Intention.

We urge anyone who is drawn to this subject, to thorougly read and study the concept described below. It is not a mere medicine to ingest. The effectiveness of this therapy lies in yourself mostly. The plant is merely a vehicle for the intentions and goals you set for yourself. Without a proper set and intent, we believe this plant can do more harm than good, because we are all filled with subconscious patterns and repetitions of thoughts, which may be enhanced by improper use. Please take your time to understand the principle described and I am sure it will greatly benefit you.
Historical Origin of Iboga Rites
For many generations, the root bark of the iboga plant, Tabernanthe iboga, has played an important role for practitioners of the indigenous Bwiti religion in Central Africa. When Bwitists reach spiritual maturity they undergo an initiation rite that includes the ingestion of a strong iboga dose, followed by an intense, mind-altering experience. Lower doses are taken during weekly ceremonies, as collective religious fervor, a moment for intense love and mutual understanding. Through the iboga plant, the Bwitists feel that they strengthen their connection with the divine realm and experience a deep understanding for the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Bwiti is considered by its members as a universal religion, accessible to anyone who approaches it with respect and humility. Among the Bwitists, there is a widespread hope that one day the Bwiti and its Iboga rituals will become known at the very core of western culture. A noble thought…
Iboga Therapy in Drug Rehabilitation
Over the past decades, iboga treatment indeed found its way into western practices. Professionally guided therapy with iboga has proven to be extremely successful in curing drug addictions. Recent studies have shown that ibogaine blocks the drug-induced stimulation of mesolimbic and striatal dopamine, hereby reducing the effects of certain abusive and highly addictive drugs. The plant will have to undergo more clinical research in order to become a prescription medicine, but so far the results have been extremely promising: ibogaine got classified by Medsafe as a non-approved prescription medicine in New Zealand in 2009, i.e. doctors must discuss elaborately the prescription with the patient and they need to inform Medsafe when prescribing ibogaine.
Iboga as a Way to Personal Liberation / Freedom of the Spirit
Iboga can play a powerful curing role but not only for drug addicts. Rooted in unpleasant past experiences and subsequent negative emotions, many of us are in one way or the other caught up in patterns of thoughts and behaviors, which limit us in our freedom. Those patterns are quite similar to addictions: despite their harmful character, we deceive ourselves into believing that they provide a shortcut to comfort. Iboga digs deep in the patterns of our mind. It will surface what is hidden and treasured that what shapes us and keeps us in shape. Iboga can help any one of us to eliminate self-induced oppression, accelerate personal growth, and bring more joy to life.

Your Mind
Our environment nowadays demands us to operate on mind-based logic; it feels like there is very little space left to follow our hearts. Through the uncontrollable production of all kinds of thoughts, your mind is constantly influencing your behavior. Don’t believe everything you think! The mind can be a useful practical tool, but should not be your only guide. Your mind feeds on old emotions and outdated information, thereby distracting your spirit from its presence in the happenings of the now. The very Now is always new and should be experienced in total openness, allowing any new impulse to freely flow into your perception. You can be freed from your mind if you become aware of this dichotomy. Ask yourself: “Who is making me behave or react like this? Am I not free to have a new emotion in every new situation? Why should I be a slave of my thoughts, my preferences, my likes and dislikes?”… Yes. you are free!

Letting in the Spirit of Iboga
One possibility to let the spirit of ibogaine is to take what is considered a full dose. The journey that follows is not a journey for the faint at heart. Though, there are a number of guidelines which can and should be followed to minimize any risks, the experience will be challenging and will ask intense preparation and after care. A more gentle way of communicating with the spirit of the iboga plant is achieved by taking much lower doses. If used in the right way, tiny amounts of this powerful plant are sufficient for regaining control over one’s thoughts and actions. I discovered a new technique for self-treatment with an iboga tincture, which will be explained further in this guideline. My own and others experience has shown that one or two drops a day can be surprisingly effective.

General use of Iboga Tincture
This tincture holds the essence of the iboga plant and is therefore a naturopathic full-spectrum medicine. Firstly, the tincture is made by extracting all of iboga’s 13 plus alkaloids from the iboga root bark, keeping the entire spectrum of the plant uncompromised. Afterwards, the extract is dissolved in a hydro-alcoholic solution. The resulting tincture is so concentrated that one drop suffices as one therapeutic dose, containing 0.58 milligram of iboga TA extract. One drop, entirely saturated with iboga alkaloids, contains all of the plant’s properties, its spirit, its voice, and its vibration. This one single drop is your gateway to communication with the iboga spirit. However, for a successful treatments it takes a bit more effort. Make sure you read further!

The Properties of the Ibogaine Alkaloids
The special characteristic of ibogaine (after being converted to nor-ibogaine, by the liver) is that it occupies the receptors which are urging you into the repetition of a behavioral pattern or addiction. Ibogaine interacts with all major transmitter systems (GABAergic, dopaminergic, serotonergic, opiate, cholinergic, and glutamatergic) and therefore it can affect all drug addictions. Furthermore, ibogaine blocks the drug-induced increase in dopamine, thereby reducing drug taking and craving. That is what makes it effective even in the most serious cases of drug addiction. Most addicts are cured within a few days, without any withdrawal symptoms and with very little chance for relapse. With the microdosing Therapy it is possible to send the tiny bit of ibogaine that is captured in one drop of the tincture to exactly that neural network, which is responsible for the thoughts and behavioral patterns that are keeping you in your comfort zone. This method works most efficiently if you use your spirit to guide the healing by expressing a powerful affirmation or intent at the moment iboga enters your senses. Your voice will carry iboga and direct the plant teacher to areas that need attention and healing. This technique is a combination of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and iboga therapy, and represents a very accessible, holistic approach to psychotherapy and to the most powerful healing plant in the world.

Implications for Usage
With this self-treatment, you will pinpoint and reset one behavioral pattern of addiction at a time. Before you start with the drops, it is very important to first unravel your problem. Look into to the root of the addictive patterns in your thoughts and behaviors. Search for old emotions that have become embedded in your thought system along the way. It will take some time and practice to get deep enough and find the naked truth under the surface of your behavior. Once you found the root, or the soil in which your habits are rooted, you are ready to formulate your intention in the form of a positive affirmation. This affirmation must be exactly the opposite of what you discovered to be the root of your addiction. For example, if you discovered your main problem to be “I feel lonely”, a possible affirmation could be “I am complete”. An affirmation should not contain “I wish” or “I will” and it should not contain a “not”. It should not affirm your current state. Once you are sure you have located a troublesome emotion and you managed to define its opposite positive affirmation, stand in front of a mirror and take a single drop under your tongue. Let the bitter, woody taste fully enter your senses and welcome the spirit into your being to do its healing. Do not wash down the drop with water: experiencing the bitterness is an integral part of the healing. Your senses will be immersed with bitterness while you say ‘yes’ to the spirit. Then, look into your eyes, hold one hand on your throat, and express your intention. Firmly, use your voice and feel the vibration come back into your body while you see, hear, and feel yourself speak. The iboga travels through your nervous system, healing exactly the place you point it to. Imagine that the plant teacher simply closes the door to old, hindering emotions. Remember, the mind has the tendency to make you believe in twisted versions of reality. Those mind-made lies are based on experiences from the past. While speaking your intention out loud, your voice overwrites the lies your mind has been misleading you with. While the thoughts your mind produces are constructed out of the past, the sound of your voice comes from and into the very Now. Sound is so much louder than thoughts. Feel the liberation from your past and the beauty of the Now.

Potentiating and Manifesting
Other than this described technique to reset negative behavioral patterns, the tincture can also be used to (re)connect to the positive and heighten your vibration. Nothing is more powerful than starting the day with a clear and affirmative mindset. Start your day in front of the mirror and set the positive vibe. You will enjoy the result all day long. When normally your mind would be judging any situation and loop you into its trap of doubt and insecurity, your affirmation has already overwritten all negativity. My favorite affirmation is: “Everything is good”. With this I have already decided that whatever comes has my full acceptance and approval, be it good or bad, I am in peace with the day. EVERYTHING is good. No mind-based misconception can go around that.

Examples of Positive Affirmations:
• I am complete
• Everything is good
• I am love
• I am my self
• Everything works
• I am happy
• Today is perfect
• I choose
• My body is healing itself
• Life is generous
• I can do it
• I am free
• I am

Reset the Robot
Through your voice, your intention vibrates outwards into the entire universe. It becomes imprinted in the totality of the whole and resonates back to you. Iboga travels with your intention to exactly those neural networks that were urging you to repeat the pattern you want to be freed of. Furthermore, ibogaine interacts with multiple receptors involved in craving and different addictions types. The spirit of ibogaine together with your intention or positive affirmation will keep those receptors occupied. You are healing yourself by no longer being caught in a loop of destructive thoughts. You reset the robot inside you, the robot that defines the boundaries of how you think and behave, fed by emotions from the past, negative ideas of others, or media induced images of reality. After a week’s time, you start to notice the freedom you have gained. You find the willpower to unplug from previous conceptions and discover you are free to make your own decisions. You find fresh soil for the roots of your being to extract new energy from sunlight in order to grow towards your full potential. When eliminating your old habits, it is very possible that other negative patterns come to the surface. After you feel like you have completely cured the problem you were focusing on, you can repeat the treatment with a new intention. This revolutionary technique allows you to work slowly and focus on one problem at a time. The tincture gives you the potential to surface all that needs to be dealt with and heal the mind patterns that keep us imprisoned.

Without an affirmation, the treatment is ineffective. If not used properly, with the wrong intentions, ingestion of the tincture may even cause damage. Make sure you spend enough time to dig into the soil of your emotions and find the roots of your behavior. Don’t worry, you do not need to be a psychologist to get to these depths. All the knowledge you need lies inside yourself. Iboga accumulates in the body. It remains in the body for more than 4 weeks. This means that all the drops you take within 5 weeks will accumulate and remain in the body until they slowly wear off. If the dose you take exceeds 10 drops a day, physical and psychological effects, and perhaps even disorientation and ‘trippy’ effects can occur. Be aware that some people respond very sensitive to a few drops only. It is important to listen to the signs of your body and mind at all times, and adjust your dosage accordingly. Do not take the iboga tincture before going to sleep. The plant gives you energy and might cause insomnia.
Before, during, and after the intake of iboga, it is advised not to use any psychoactive drugs or herbs and keep stimulants, such as coffee or tobacco to a minimum. Many receptors will change their sensitivity during an iboga treatment and you may have a surprising strong reaction to other drugs taken simultaneously or shortly afterwards. Also, the combination of iboga with ayahuasca or other visionary and hallucinogenic substances is strongly discouraged. Similarly, iboga should not be combined with antidepressant drugs, migraine medication, or substances that alter the heart rhythm. Lastly, iboga should never be taken by persons with cardiovascular diseases or severe medical conditions.

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Forums are essential in this field. Many people who gather in forums are undergoing the same process or are interested in doing so. It is an easy and discreet way to get in touch with like-minded people worldwide. Please visit forums and join discussions. Among other things, this tincture and its technique are discussed in forums and it is very beneficial for anyone to share their experiences and read about those of others.

Eboka Forum
We at invite you to come check out and join in our open discussion forum for the free exchange of information concerning the Tabernanthe iboga shrub and it’s constituent alkaloids. Our primary focus is the use of iboga and ibogaine-like alkaloids for spiritual growth and development as well as exploring the amazing anti-addictive properties and pain management of this medicine. Having been online for just over a year, we are experiencing rapid growth as global interest in these compounds waxes in tandem with the availability of providers and others willing to do this work. Currently we are the only English based forum dedicated specifically for the purpose of this subject. This does not mean we that we will not expand to provide areas for those whose’ native tongue may differ from our own. Membership is diverse and ranges from professionals, providers and sitters to laypeople with interests in the healing potential of ethnobotanicals and entheogens. Several boards are available for discussion and dissemination of ideas including a cultivation board, general discussion area and an ‘Eboka Journals’ forum where we can share our personal experiences with this magnificent material. We encourage you to visit and share with us! Please join us at

The article “Music in the iboga initiation ceremony in Gabon: Polyrhythms supporting a pharmacotherapy” is very interesting as it tries to explain exactly why music is such an important component of the iboga experience.

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