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2 gram Ololiuhqui Rivea Corymbosa seeds


Seeds, Whole, 2 Gr from Mexico

Rivea corymbosa seeds, organically cultivated in the wild. Grown in Mexico.


Ololiuhqui in Nahuatl is the name of the seeds, not of the plant that yields the seeds. The word means “round thing”, and the seeds are small, brown, and oval. The plant itself is a climber, called appropriately. “Coaxihuitl”, meaning “Snake-plant”. It is a Morning Glory, and it grows easily and abundantly in the mountains of southern Mexico. Ololiuhqui has a long history of use as an entheogen.

Other names: Rivea corymbosa, Round Thing, Green Snake, Turbina corymbosa, Coaxihuitl, Hiedra, Bejuco, Semilla de la Virgen, (seeds of the Virgin Mary).