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10 gram Morning Glory viable Ipomea seeds


Seeds, Whole, 10 Gr from Hungary
Top quality viable Ipomea seeds, var. Heavenly Blue, Clarks Early


Ipomea Violacea is a member of the Bindweed or Morning Glory family (commonly grown as ornamentals), as is Turbina Corymbosa, the Ololiuhqui (round things) used by Aztecs and other indigenous groups of Central America, mainly Mexico. Traditionally used in divination, the seeds of some varieties contain LSA (ergine). Nowadays, many varieties are known, including Heavenly Blue, Flying Saucers, and Pearly Gates.

Other names: Ipomoea tricolor, Ipomea Violacea, Ipomea tricolor, Flying saucers, Pearly gates, Ipomea, Morning Glory, Tlitliltzin (the Nahuatl word for “black”), Tlitliltzin, Yaxce’lil, Quiebraplato, La’aja Shnash, Seed of the Virgin, Semillas de la Virgen.