10 gram Guayusa leaves extract


Leaves, Dry Extract 12:1, 10 Gr from Peru

Very finely powdered certified 12:1 extract, made from Guayusa. Ethically and sustainably wildharvested in the tropical rainforest, area Amazonas, Rio Maranon, Peru. Produced by hydro-alcoholic extraction. Partly watersoluble. Very Hygroscopic. Keep in closed container with a dessiccant. Carrier: Maltodextrine 6%.


Leaves, Dry Extract 12:1, 10 Gr from Peru (SKU 3918)

Guayusa is used by people of the Amazon basin to make an energizing tea and as a herbal medicine. It also said to have the interesting effect of inducing lucid dreaming. For this reason, it is known as the “watchman’s plant”, as even when sleeping you are aware of your external surroundings. For those interested in shamanic dreaming this is certainly the plant to explore. It has been used along with Ayahuasca to help ease bitterness, to stay awake during Ayahuasca ceremonies, and to help prevent hangover effects.

Guayusa leaves have been discovered in buriel sites with snuff and enema paraphernalia indicating ancient use. Guayusa leaves are dried and strung together in packets, which are then strung together to form large wreaths. Throughout the Amazon these wreaths can be seen hanging outside local tiendas.

The tree grows wild and is also cultivated for caffeine preparations. Guayusa leaves are sold as herbs in markets in Pasto (Colombia) and Quito (Equador) The tea of Guayusa is taken tradfitionally to soothe the stomach, and is also believed to have aphrodisiac properties. In the Mocoa region, Guayusa has numerous ethnobotanical purposes, including strengthening the liver and providing resistance to fevers and infections.

Other names: Ilex guayusa, Aguayusa, Huayusa, Guañusa, Guayyusa, Wayusa.