Katukina Tsunu Nissural


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This wonderful Katukina Tsunu Nissural has a distinctive aroma of ancient earth. It has a sandy, light brown hue. An exceptional blend from the Katukina. A subtle but powerful mix of Moi and the stronger variety of Corda tabaco along with Tsunu ashes that heighten the cerebral state of the user and gently awaken the mental faculties from any dreamy state or lack of concentration. Said to be good for headaches and clearing negative energies. Many blends tend to leave the user in a relaxed mental state whereas the Nissural activates the thoughts substantially. The very fine powder absorbs well in the cavities but after continued use makes it way into the throat. Tears are minimal but occasional. This blend from the Katukina can help with any activities where the user needs to be focused, alert and concentrated. As with all Rapè preparations it is advised to be away from normal routines and pressures and to take time out of ones normal life to experience this traditional medicine of the Amazon.

This is an extremely fine and dry powder. It takes great effort to produce such a fine powder at a 150 micron fineness. This is our standard because this provides the best Rapé experience. All our Rapé is processed to a high standard and consistent fineness and dryness, using laboratory grade sieves and dehydrating equipment, before packaging.