Katukina Pau Mulata


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Pau Mulata (also called Mulateiro) has a distinctive aroma of ancient deep forest earth. An exceptional blend from the Katukina. The subtle yet powerful mix of tobacco and ashes heightens the cerebral state of the user and gently awakens the mental faculties from any dreamy state or lack of concentration. Many blends tend to leave the user in a relaxed mental state whereas Pau Mulata seems to activate the thoughts substantially. The very fine powder absorbs well and even after continued use barely makes it way into the throat. Tears are minimal but occasional. This Rapé can help with any activities where the user needs to be focused and concentrated. As with all Rapè preparations it is advised to be away from normal routines and pressures and to take time out of ones normal life to experience this traditional medicine of the Amazon.

Pau Mulata is similar in appearance and colour to the Pau Pereira with the noticeable difference in the effect. This preparation is more manageable and relaxing than the Pau Pereira and also the majority of current Rapé’s. After application one’s sense of time slows little by little and the relaxing effects become almost a meditation. Calmness pervades the system and the warmth of the Rustica can be felt deep within the frequency. Definitely a great Rapé for the winter months wrapped up by the fire keeping warm and for enjoying time in deep reflection. A sense of self observation is noticeable immediately after blowing out. In small quantities this can be a good first introduction to Rapè and it’s effects. Some physical effect is to be expected however purging is unlikely due to the warmth of the experience.

This is a medium to strong Rapé, that initiates release of energies accumulated in the perispirit, and is working effectively to heal energy blocks. The tree of the Mulateiro is an old known of the traditional populations of the Amazon region, presents cicatrizantes properties and assists in the treatment of ulcer, gastrite, flu and fevers. The Mulateiro is rich in phenols, a type of organic molecule with high antioxidant capacity, which stops the action of so-called free radicals, preventing the aging of cells.