Kryptonite, 6 caps. A powerfull Herbal E with a psychedelic touch.

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Kryptonite¬ģ contains sida acuta. These related plants are both native to the tropical and subtropical areas of India. The active substances of
this plant include a few phenylthylamines, like ephedrine and a few tryptamines. The chemical structure is somewhat similar to
that of adrenaline (epinephrine), only ephedrine, unlike adrenaline, is also effective when taken orally. For this reason, ephedrine
acts as an upper. Especially highly concentrated extracts act quite similar to amphetamines like speed This is not surprising, for
speed was discovered as scientists were searching for the formula for a synthetic version of ephedrine. Presently, a synthetic
version of ephedrine does exist, only it is not tolerated (digested) as well as natural ephedrine by many.