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Little Book of Acid


A compact introduction to LSD and related psychoactive chemicals.

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LSD-25 – commonly known as “acid” – is so potent that it takes only a microscopic amount to cause a trip. Acid’s remarkable effects on the mind have made it the most controversial drug of all time.

The Little Book of Acid is a compact introduction to LSD and related psychoactive chemicals that discusses:

  • the trip experience
  • how acid was discovered
  • bad trips
  • effects on the body and brain
  • the acid underground
  • blotter, barrels, liquid and windowpane
  • legal penalties
The Little Book of Acid offers a wealth of unusual, hard-to-find information about plant sources of LSD-like chemicals. It describes the psychedelic properties of these plants and how they were discovered. It explains how the harvested materials are prepared or extracted to bestow acid-like trips.